About Us

About the company

We are a team of professionals having years of experience in the industry. We have worked with Infra teams to secure the infrastructure, with application teams to build a secure application and with Legal & Compliance teams to understand the legal requirements in detail.While working at our dedicated role in our teams and organizations, we observed that IT security and compliance requirements are increasing day by day, and Governments are getting harder on security compliance for all organizations. The major challenge comes in understanding such compliance requirements at the organization end (especially for the technical staff) and implementing the controls to remain complaint. While a single miss in security may cause financial and brand loss, a single miss in compliance too will cause a heavy penalty and legal actions. Remaining complaint along with ongoing technical (Cloud, ML, AI) and process changes (Agile, Kaigen, DevOps), is quite challenging. On top of it, understanding the legal issues, consequences, laws, and regulations around the data privacy is not a cakewalk. So we have designed the dataprivacyacts.com in such a way to cater to all your needs of data privacy starting from understanding the laws, compliance, controls, to all the way of implementing the controls & Security.

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